Graham Herrli's Portfolio

Usability Testing

Object Manager

We needed a generic way to manage (create, save, edit, delete, import, export) different types of objects in a unified way. Two other members of my team ran a paper usability test of this generic object manager while I observed and took notes. Then, I created an interactive version of the feature using Axure, and took notes during a second round of tests. I modified the wireframes, and then moderated a third round of tests myself while one of my team members took notes. I incorporated her suggestions into the wireframes and then created an interaction specification detailing the appearance and interactions of various screen components to pass to development. I communicated with development while the feature was being implemented, verifying that it was coded to specification, while incorporating minor changes to accommodate technical constraints.

Shown here is a screenshot of the wireframe of the generic version of the Object Manager at the conclusion of the series of tests.

a generalized wireframe

Comparison Dashboards

While designing a new mode for our software, it became evident that we would need a way to perform dynamic custom comparisons. Because this was very different from anything we had done before, it was a great opportunity to perform a usability test.

I solicited feedback on what key stakeholders wanted to learn from the test, created a prototype and a set of tasks to answer these questions, and observed and took notes while a teammate moderated the test. Then, I compiled findings, reviewed these findings with the UX team, and presented a simplified version back to key stakeholders.

Shown here is a prototype I made of a dashboard that was presented publicly to clients around the time of the study. We found that users expect the map zoom level to filter the data shown on the other widgets, that they expect to be able to zoom into the map by double-clicking on it, and that they had difficulty finding the widget settings.